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Huck #54 - The Defiance Issue


In this issue, we're celebrating Defiance in all its raw, subversive glory - from acts of quiet dissent and open rebellion to people who defy conventions (and the expectations of others) to prove that there are endless ways to live your life.

We'll hear stories of renegades hellbent on change who aren't afraid to 'step outta line.' From the Kurdish female fighters taking on the Islamic State to anti-Putin performance artist punks. From the skateboarders of Ulaanbaatar who refuse to grow up to the Brooklyn woman who's revolutionising porn.

Kurdish Female Fighters: The feminist army taking on Isis - and gaining ground. But what's driving young women to take up arms on the frontline, knowing they may never return?

Henry Rollins: Former Black Flag frontman-turned-master of the spoken word on defiance, reinvention and his workaholic fire.

Pussy Riot and Russian Resistance: A conversation about rebellion under Putin's gaze. Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokinikkova joins Oksana Shalgyina, the wife of performance artist and activist Pytr Pavlensky, who's in prison after setting fire to what was once the KGB's front door.

Brussels Skate Utopia: The Paris attacks put Brussels at the centre of Europe's debate on immigration, throwing up some heated questions. Is failed integration radicalising teens? But at Ursulines skatepark a refreshing counterpoint is thriving, as kids from all backgrounds skate together in peace.

Roller Derby Beirut: These women aren’t just pioneers; they’re the architects of their own future.

Beyond Binary: Personal stories that push beyond the gender binary to prove that life doesn't play out in shades of pink and blue.

Longboards for Guns: Against the backdrop of a growing gun epidemic, one community in California is trying to defy the stats with a unique 'BuyBack' initiative that aims to get firearms off the streets. Hand in a gun, get a longboard in return. But are they fighting a losing battle?

Mongolia Skate: Meet the firebrand skaters of Ulaanbaatar, the world's coldest capital, as they defy the odds to make skateboarding a viable dream.


Kano: He made a name for himself in London's grime community, but Kano refuses to be defined by any one genre.

Molly Crabapple: Artist, activist, gonzo journalist, Molly Crabapple has reported from inside Guantanamo Bay armed with nothing but ink and an eye for moral justice.

Akala: The UK rapper, who practises what he preaches, on the limits of leading a socially conscious life.

MacKenzie Peck: The Brooklyn woman who's sticking it to sleazy San Fernando execs by making fun and ethical 'real good porn'.

Regencia Viva: A toxic mudslide across Brazil is no match for these ocean-loving activists.

Rwanda SafeMotos: Motorcycle accidents are claiming lives across the African continent, but these Kigali entrepreneurs have developed a life-saving app.

How To Make It On Your Own: Advice from the frontlines of creative culture, featuring Doomed Gallery in London and Horses Records in Vancouver.

And more...