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Huck 60 - The Outsider Issue


In this issue, we’re circling the outer limits to meet anti-heroes living on the fringe...


Cowboys from Hell
Botswana's metal scene is a DIY subculture uncorrupted by the outside world.

Iranian Aliens
In the shadows of Iran's hardline regime, the country's liberal youth are finding creative ways to kickstart a grassroots revolution.

Father John Misty
Now that Josh Tillman has shot to stardom, he's got a message for all of us: life is a cosmic joke.

On the streets of London, a subculture of cyclists are pulling off death-defying stunts in rush-hour traffic.

Breakaway Republic
Transnistria's first generation are coming of age, they're finding their way in a world that doesn't recognise their identity.

Cosey Fanni Tutti
A creative force who ripped up the rules in the realms of sex, music and art.

Perfume Genius
After finding stability, musician Mike Hadreas realised that sobriety doesn't fix everything. It just shines a harsher light on the underlying problems.

Plus much more!