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HUCK magazine issue #041

Image of HUCK magazine issue #041


The Documentary Photography Special

Photo stories from the most talented names in documentary photography that are sure to challenge your perspective.

Featuring... Cheryl Dunn, J.Grant Brittain, Guy Martin, Bryan Derballa, JM Lopez, Paul Calver, Laura Pannack, Charlie Shoemaker, Mustafah Abdulaziz, Elizabeth Dalziel, Shane McCauley, Spencer Murphy, Mike Belleme, Joni Sternbach, Alex Welsh, Alana Paterson, James Bowden and more...


- Olivier Laurent: The deputy editor of the British Journal of Photography explores how social media is empowering documentarians to bring down the wall between their audience and their work.

- Geoff Dyer: The culture pundit expands on The Ongoing Moment – an acclaimed essay on the history of photography – and makes it relevant to a generation obsessed with documenting their own lives.

- J. Malcolm Garcia: An exclusive piece of reportage from Kabul.

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