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Huck 56 - The Independence Issue 56 - 10 Year Special


It’s been 10 years since Huck first launched as an independent platform for mavericks and pioneers.

For our 10th anniversary issue, we’re gravitating towards people who have blazed their own trail, finding out how self-determination has shaped their story.

Join us as we celebrate a decade of self-rule – and the freedom principle that keeps us going.


Kiki: a wild dance movement blowing up out of NYC.

Heroes of Huck: Chino Moreno, Stephanie Gilmore, Janette Beckman, Dave Eggers, Shepard Fairey, Cheryl Dunn, Ed Templeton and Rodney Mullen.

Physical Graffiti: A new wave of Palestinian dancers are finding creative ways to reclaim their freedom.

Foster Huntington: With a million followers on Instagram, this restless spirit is ready to turn his reality into a fantasy world.

Bat for Lashes: An exclusive interview with the one-woman dream-pop vehicle.

Shahrbanoo Sadat: The 26-year-old filmmaker who defied Afghanistan's corrupt movie industry.

Acid Priest: How photographer Lee Kirby found himself opening a biographical pandora’s box.

Doug Stanhope: This comedic outlier turned his back on LA to live life on his own terms.

Utah & Ether: The Bonnie and Clyde of graffiti, on the run around the world.

DJ Shadow: Shattering myths about label power and challenging ideas of success.

Environmental Activism: Confronting climate chaos.

Royal Trux: The cult band who reshaped rock.

Ketty Nivyabandi: A Burundian poet who led a dangerous protest against her country’s president, becoming an unlikely hero.

Marc Maron: The comedian and superstar podcaster takes us through the art of connecting with others.

The Soweto (Re-)Uprising: A South African sub-culture that's raw, punk and doesn’t give a fuck.

Plus much more!