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Huck 57 - The Documentary Photography Special IV


Huck 57 – The Documentary Photography Special IV is our annual celebration of visual storytelling in which we shine a light back on the people behind the lens.

In 2016, photographers are under greater pressure than ever to get in, get the angle and get out. The time and space needed to scratch beneath the surface of a story is becoming increasingly rare.

Some photographers, though, refuse to give in. They’re ready to invest whatever it takes to dig deep and follow stories as they unfold over years, tackling issues so ingrained that they’re dismissed as givens.

In this issue, we focus on storytellers chasing the bigger picture by exploring never-ending truths.


The Long Run by Olivier Laurent:
Meet the photographers who know that the only way to represent the truth is to stick with a story for a lifetime... and beyond.

Alex Webb - Where the Light Leads:
Magnum photographer Alex Webb has a knack for absorbing the world, catching cinematic moments that make time stand still.

Lynsey Addario - Larger Than Me:
Photojournalist Lynsey Addario has risked her life to document war and crisis around the world. She’s witnessed death and been kidnapped more than once, but has never found a reason to put her camera down.

Exclusive personal essays from photographers Ruddy Roye, Stacy Kranitz, Mark Steinmetz, Robin Hammond, Dominic Nahr, Per-Anders Pettersson, Emine Gozde Sevim, Andres Gonzalez, Sacha Lecca, Daniel Zvereff, Kyle Weeks, CJ Clarke, Christopher Bethell, Victoria Sambunaris, Poulomi Basu.

On Sale Date: 12th of October
UK Delivery: 1-3 days.
International: Up to 3 weeks (international delivery times may vary).